Shakespeare presents Macbeth’s state of mind deteriorating throughout the course of the play and is especially highlighted in Macbeth’s famous soliloquy of Act 5 Scene 5. Shakespeare uses various language techniques and dramatic devices to achieve, the focus of this essay is to analyse and understand how Shakespeare presents Macbeth’s deteriorating state of mind. Macbeth’s […]

A metaphor in which shakepeare uses is “With Tarquin’s ravishing strides, towards his design” is very useful in examining Macbeths internal struggle as it shows his changing attitudes towards the murder of Duncan. ‘Tarquin’ was a early king of Rome, famous for the rape of Lucretia which is noted as being very stealthy, which shows […]

The Hill. The morning passes, runners exhale on a seemingly constant basis. You smell the damp bark after the night of on off on off rain mixed with occasional thunder. A lone structure litters your vision, its silhouette enhanced by the rising figure of the sun. You start the descent, disaffected by the steep incline,filled […]

“You are part of my existence, part of myself”

“You are part of my existence, part of myself”. This is part of Pips last speech to Estella and Mrs. Havisham to which he opens up and displays his true feelings infront of both of them. From the first time that Pip saw Estella to the day of the speech Pip always had Estellas shadow […]

The simile “I have been locked up as much as a silver tea kettle”. A silver tea kettle is rarely used and mostly for decorative purposes, therefore keeping it’s worth by being locked up. This is similar to Magwith as he is frequently loor cked up for various crimes. However Magwith is the polar opposite […]

Jaggers servant is described as “women of about forty”,”extremely pale” and looked as though she had risen “out of the Witches’ caldron”. Later in the chapter, Jaggers humiliates the servant by showing all of his guests her scars which infers that Jaggers may of employed her due to her seemingly troubled past and odd nature […]